Sunday Sleep In ~ “Chinatown” ~ Nicholas Payton.

Film Noir

I have listened to this love theme at times up to 50 in a row in one sitting, I kid you not. Can anybody really play it like the original trumpeter who played in the film score, Uan Rasey? Simply No.

Rasey was the best there was yet his name seemed to sit in the shadows of the movie houses where we watched and heard it in. This mans trumpet would be heard in countless scores throughout Hollywood cinema history.

I’ve heard Terrance Blanchard’s rendition multiple times but I still always came back to Nicholas Payton’s.

He just seems to capture this atmospheric mood that composer Jerry Goldsmith wrote better than anyone else other than Rasey. From the very matching opening to the end, I love the brush drums throughout. What a piece of magic.

The love theme from Chinatown for me will always be among the best crime noir scores ever written, almost equaling what Henry Mancini was always able to do. That same sense of music mastery always hitting its mark.

Some film scripts aren’t always that captivating, at times the music of the soundtrack score makes a particular scene explode like a backbone. Mancini was an absolute genius at this, but considering Goldsmith was a replacement for the original scrapped score by Phillip Lambro without much time. I’d say he hit a bottom of the night 9th inning walk off grand slam right out of the ball park.

An event that is always forever remembered just like this song.

Payton does more than an admirable rendition, he manages to extend the mood, the feeling dripping and leaves the audience to play out their own fantasy without watching the movie. They rewrite the scene placing themselves and whomever they choose to be in it with them.

Close your eyes, take a journey and lose yourself.

I guarantee you won’t be able to listen to it just once, twice…maybe a dozen. Then you’ll find yourself coming back again and again for more.

That my friends is exceptional music. But do me one gigantic favor, at least once click onto the video and watch it on YT, because there you will see one of the best comment sections I’ve ever came across on any video I have ever seen there.

I’ll have to one night in the wee hours of the morning write my own scene script and indulge a little bit. The drama then ecstasy worthy of the theme ~ ~ ~


Nicholas Payton




Written by Jerry Goldsmith.
Played by Nicholas Payton.
Released off the 2008 album, Into The Blue.

Credits on song.

Nicholas Payton – trumpet
Kevin Hayes – piano
Vicente Archer – bass
Marcus Gilmore – brush drums
Daniel Sadownick – percussion


Nicholos Payton Into The Blue



Uan Rasey.



Uan Rasey  when young



Uan Rasey


Uan Rasey 1921-2011

Uan Rasey _ older





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2 responses to “Sunday Sleep In ~ “Chinatown” ~ Nicholas Payton.

  1. Absolutely riveting.
    Just started following your blog a few weeks ago when I heard The Ones’ “You Haven’t Seen My Love” on the radio for the first time and went searching for information (I’m amazed that wasn’t a national hit.) You don’t seem to get many comments on your posts, but it doesn’t mean that no one’s listening. I’m hearing a lot of this music for the first time and really appreciate the introductions!

  2. Thank you so much Michael.

    The greatest joy I have is sharing my passion for music and getting to enlighten so many along the way. I appreciate the comment, I’m indeed happy there are people listening but most of all hearing how much real talent we’ve been blessed with that has gone unacknowledged through the years.

    Visit often my friend.

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