Jockey Jane Magrell Injured At Thistledown In Last Race Of The 2014 Meet.

Jockey Jane Magrell


In her last mount of the card in the 9th race Jane Magrell’s horse, 4 year-old Aggie H who finished 7th collapsed just past the wire causing Magrell to take a very hard spill and lose consciousness.

Rushed to Hillcrest Hospital it is reported that she suffered a concussion and an MRI confirmed two fractures to the neck. Thankfully upon regaining consciousness she was able to move her extremities. As of this moment no surgery is needed.

Sources close to her say she will be closely monitored and will remain hospitalized 24-48 hours if no further complications. Will be in a neck brace for some time and will need much rest.

With the grace of God she should be OK.


Jockey Jane Magrell 2


With a career of 11,784 starts

Magrell picked up her 1,000th win at Thistledown on July 20th of this year and has $8,421,524 in earnings. Within this career she has also suffered with more than her share of injuries. Concussions, broken leg, foot, both hips, collar bones, etc… These jockey’s love what they do but it doesn’t come without a cost.

So prayers are definitely pouring in from family, friends, the race tracks she rides at and from the many fans she has that follow her.

Mend well Jane, you are in everybody’s thoughts.

At the time of this writing I have been unable to confirm the fate of Aggie H. Considering the horse collapsed after the race, it may not be too good.

Will Update any further news.


Update Nov. 17, 2014 6:50PM

Jane will be OK. And further good news 4yr.-old Aggie H is also OK. Was told horse is alive. What the cause was for the collapse I do not know, only told as far as they knew horse was alright. We do love our horses too!


Update Nov. 18, 2014 8:07PM

Jane Magrell was released from Hillcrest Hospital this morning, it’s on now to rest and recovery. May God bless her with a speedy one.



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