Sunday Sleep In ~ “La Boheme” ~ Javier Elorrieta Quintet.

Madrid, Spain born film director & composer Javier Elorrieta stepped out of cinema and slipped into his other passion, singing. Hooking up with four jazz musicians they all put out a great rendition of the 1965 French Classic, La Boheme.

Written by Jacques Plante and Charles Aznavour (sung by originally) it became an International hit.

This interpretation of the composition for me took it up a thousand notches.

I also added an Instrumental version by the French Jazz Trio underneath as their take was even more inviting without the vocals.


Javier Elorrieta Quintet



Released in 2010 off the album, Boheme – The Lost Love.


Javier Elorrieta – vocals
Alberto Alonso – piano
Marcelo Peralta – sax
Ferrer Richie – bass
Larry Martin – drums


Javier Elorrieta


French Jazz Trio.



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2 responses to “Sunday Sleep In ~ “La Boheme” ~ Javier Elorrieta Quintet.

  1. More wonderful! Thanks Longshot! When I hit the lottery a new computer for you! For sure!

  2. I need a car too!!! Lori! ….and money for the insurance!!! …LMAO

    Thanks buddy, Glad you enjoyed.

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