Friday Freak Flag Flying ~ “Live With Me” ~ Humble Pie.

Third album self band entitled with vocals of Steve Marriott, Greg Ridley & Peter Frampton. All complementing each other yet nobody in rock will ever top Marriott’s, he was in a league and world of his own.

Live with Me was just a mere taste of Rock Blue’s best, with the natural-born soul within Steve’s. I’ve also added the Live Rendition that the band did in Sept. of 1970 for John Peel’s Soundboard/BBC, although mono even more seductive and raw.

God were those the days.


Humble Pie_1970


Steve Marriott_Greg Ridley



Live With Me written by Humble Pie.
Released in July 1970.

Live rendition off On Stage, Soundboard/BBC. Sept. 1970.

Credits on both studio & Live.

Steve Marriott – guitar, keyboards, vocals
Greg Ridley – bass, vocals
Peter Frampton – guitar, keyboards, vocals
Jerry Shirley – drums



Ridley, Marriott, Frampton_Humble Pie


Humble Pie-1969


Freak Flag Flying


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  1. John was the most influential DJ in the UK from 1967 until his death 10 years ago. I met Peter Frampton in the 80s, his brother is a friend. We were asked not to mention the “Sergeant Pepper’s” movie…yeah, like that would work. We did get to chat about Humble Pie.

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