Jockey T.D. Houghton Suffers Second Spill This Year At Mountaineer Park.

On Saturday nights card in the 5th race his mount Ashado Cat running stride for stride with the winner of the race stumbled and went down in the stretch with Terry once again taking a hard spill, the second within 7 months. He had only returned to Mountaineer within the last month.

On the March 1 opener he suffered a fractured collar-bone and three chipped vertebrates and underwent surgery. He wore a neck brace for 6 weeks, rested then went through extensive physical therapy.

In late July for the first time in his life in his native hometown of Hazel Park, Mi.  he stepped onto Hazel Park Raceway’s track to ease back into exercise riding in the mornings. Then on Friday Aug. 29th he rode his very first mount of the night aboard Unbridled Isabel to victory.

He would have 7 mounts out of the 8 thoroughbred races that night. In all TD Houghton would have two wins, two seconds and a third for his return with every single racing fan by the thousands, family members and a tribe of race-tracker workers friends cheering and yelling him a very welcome home. I being one of them.

The next night he would chalk up three more wins and the following weekends more of the same. In the middle of Sept. he returned to W. Virginia which had been his home base and continued to race great. Back to Michigan for sire race day on Sept. 27th, he captured even more wins.

The battle this man has fought over and over and over again to fight and come back from severe injuries only to conquer them and return a winning warrior, this latest injury has saddened and devastated all of us who know Terry and know what he’s gone through.

Upon hearing the news Sat. evening I literally broke down and cried.

At this point I can only tell you from an update I received from his good friend, former DRC trainer Bill Jenkins he has a hairline fracture of the neck not close to his last injury, slight fracture of nose and is suffering in a lot of pain on his left side but was alert and talking.

He was being transferred to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Presbyterian Hospital for further tests and evaluation. I can only pray with all my heart that no severe internal injuries will be found.

Terry has a lot of prayers going up to the Lord right now from W. Virginia to here at home in Michigan.

Will pray non-stop for you my friend that God will quickly ease and heal your pain and injuries. Also praying for his family.

Will update any further details as they come in.


Update: Oct. 12 9:40PM

Latest News from Ronnie (Terry’s Dad) and Bill Jenkins.

It appears thus far that further evaluation showed no other serious injury was sustained to neck other than a hairline fracture on a specific vertebrae. An MRI will be taken on his back to make sure it too is Ok, as well on a swollen knee. Terry could be released from the hospital as soon as Monday (tomorrow). If everything negative on MRI’s he could be back riding in 4-6 weeks.

Thank God he is alright. Prayer is a mighty thing!

Terry “Iron Man” Houghton.

And contradictory to what I was told by Mountaineer Park last night Ashado Cat was not euthanized and thankfully is OK and still with us.

We love the Horses Too!


Update Oct. 13 9:47:PM

Terry was released from the hospital this evening, of course very sore and will now need much rest to recover.

Personally I think Terry would make an outstanding Trainer. I know his passion for riding and it wouldn’t be the same no longer aboard them, nevertheless the horses would still be a part of his life. In any case heal well my friend you continue to be in all of our prayers.


T.D. Houghton Sept. 25th, 2014 at Mountaineer.

Terry Houghton_Mountaineer Park Sept. 25th, 2014
Tuesday Dawn Blankenship pic.


Full Charts. Saturday Oct. 11, 2014.


Petition Update: 11:50PM

Terry was gracious enough to not only sign but share the Petition I wrote for getting a Referendum to overturn Michigan Gambling Outlets Amendment, Proposal 1 (2004) on his FB page earlier in the day on Saturday.

It would be so beneficial to Michigan Horse Race Tracks. I know we filed a lawsuit in 2008 and lost but the public didn’t know anything about this. If you click onto the Home page there is a blog I wrote in detail with statistics right underneath this one you are all reading and sharing. It will explain fully why I started the petition.

All I can ask is that you read both the blog and Petition and if you agree with it, Sign, Comment & Share the petition. We need as many signatures as we can get. I’d like at least 10,000. Petition on is also off to the right under Blogroll (first) under Petition.

I would very much Thank You.



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6 responses to “Jockey T.D. Houghton Suffers Second Spill This Year At Mountaineer Park.

  1. Lots of prayers from his Cleveland friends, too. We are all waiting, praying and hoping for good news.

  2. Yep, that’s why I wrote prayers from W. Virginia to here at home in Michigan.. He is going to be alright Gayla. Did Update.

  3. I’m the owner of Ashado Cat, I appreciate Terry Riding Ashado cat. I’m very sorry about the spill at mountaineer. This was a sad day of racing for the riders and the horses that went down that night. I pray Terry have a quick recovery and get back on the saddle he is a very talented jockey. I want everyone to know including the media, that Ashado Cat was sound before the race at Mountaineer. She never broke down during the race, after replaying the race over and over again it looks like she step in a deep hole on the race track, and fell during the race. The hole on the track was the cause of the accident during the race. It has been brought to my attention this is not the first time a horse went down in the same spot during the 2014 race meet. The jockey colony, owners, and trainers at mountaineer race track need to discuss the track issue with racing officials to avoid another spill. I also want to inform everyone my horse was not euthanized.

    God Bless,
    Janet Arguello

    • Thank you for info on your horse Janet Arguello, I am glad Ashado Cat is still with us.

      I will update blog. I had called Mountaineer last night and was told by security that the horse was put down, I attempt complete accuracy by going to as many sources before writing and posting but I’m not there to know, so I went on what I thought was reliable information.

      Believe me all of us in this Industry know about race track surfaces and it’s holes. Many at DRC injured and died stepping down to the limestone. Everyone involved knows the risk.

      We love the horses as well & along with all who work with and ride them.

      God Bless to you as well.

    • And Janet that other stark raving mad Blog here on WordPress. Ignore them. They are whack jobs. The only reason I came across that one is they used this blog for their rant. They don’t have a clue and they’re not worth either of our time, you owe no explanations. Just let them rant.

      I replied to a couple of their comments but will never return there. I didn’t like the fact that they take my writings then use them for their twisted views. They will never know the love we have of the horses, they are sad people.

      They also hold back comments awaiting their moderation and approval as they had with mine then never placed. Don’t waste your energy or your thoughts on them. They are sick.

  4. Get well soon Terry……….You are truly a Viking!!!!!!!!!!

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