Sunday Sleep In ~ “Old Castle, by the River, in the Middle of a Forest” ~ Hiromi Uehara

Hiromi Uehara


Wow ~ Who say’s Jazz is not alive and well. ~

I usually post something totally mellow for my Sleep In’s but the beautality of this artist which is indescribably creative not only writes the compositions but plays them with brutal passion. Uehara like many started off playing very young, her life at 5 learning classical then introduced to jazz by her teacher and the rest is history.

This song is off her third 2006 album entitled “Spiral”.

I encourage you to go to YT and seek out every single song played. There were so many I could have chosen and this certainly won’t be the last I ever highlight of hers, this is just the beginning.

So let’s just call this a Sunday Sleep In … then Get Up and Go!

Hiromi Uehara you will see and hear is a virtuoso at work, the talent stunning and masterful. Tony Grey & Martin Valihora add even more.



Martin Valihora



Hiromi Uehara – piano
Tony Grey – bass
Martin Valihora – drums


Hiromi Uehara at work



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4 responses to “Sunday Sleep In ~ “Old Castle, by the River, in the Middle of a Forest” ~ Hiromi Uehara

  1. Wow!!! What talent. Thanks for this. 🙂

  2. We started and ended our time at DRC and Hazel Park at nearly identical dates. 76′ to the final day of DRC in 98′. I worked as a groom for several trainers there; Bob Miller, Wayne Bearden (briefly), James Jackson, Susan White, Carl Lang and a few more. And in the very beginning, Jim Orick. We should know each other.

    I was also one of the clockers (the one at the gap) from 88′ to 98′. I have many great and many poignant memories of Michigan Racing and literally ‘grew up’ on the backstretch.

    I’ve enjoyed discovering your blog! Thanks for that!

    And back to the topic, you may also like Keiko Matsui, Philippe Saisse and Alex Bugnon.

  3. The gap clocker, no doubt we know each other Gracie. Thanks for the turn on to other artists, Keiko Matsui I know.

    Here’s a blog that will put a smile on your face with a little sadness as well because we no longer have it. Though it will always be inside of us, mind, heart & soul.

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