Saturday Night Seduction ~ “Jeeps Blues” ~ Duke Ellington

Recorded July 7, 1956 at the Newport Jazz Festival.

Composed by Duke Ellington & Johnny Hodges aka Jeep.

The song originally recorded in 1938 and first released by Johnny Hodges and His Orchestra but it wouldn’t even be recognized fully until Ellington At Newport released in 1957.

It would be the highlight of this concert and never ever again forgotten through jazz history.


Johnny Hodges


Ellighton at Newport



Johnny Hodges – alto sax
Duke Ellington – piano
Harry Carney – baritone sax
James Woode – bass
Sam Woodyard – drums
Russell Procope – alto sax
James Hamilton, Paul Gonsalves – tenor sax
Britt Woodman, Quentin Jackson – trombone
Cat Anderson, Clark Terry, Willis Nance, John Cook – trumpet


Duke Ellighton_Newport 1956


Duke Ellington and Johnny Hodges


So get on your dancing shoes and set on out for the night…. or home.

Sensual Dancing


Jazzin The Blues


Johnny Hodges


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