The Fly Spray That Will Give Your Horses The Peace They Love.

Well maybe not………LOL

Michelle Bearden with Unbridled Isabel


What a comical beauty of a shot!

The star of the show, Thoroughbred Unbridled Isabel stabled at Hazel Park Raceway. Her co-owner and caretaker Michelle Bearden upstaged. Haaaaaaaah!

Seems her niece was attempting to take a picture of only the horse when Michelle slipped on in. Now I don’t know how old her niece Lori is (forgot to ask) but I think she has found her forte in life. Photographer! This picture needs to be in an ad somewhere.

Oh what a nag.

Thanks to Michelle for the use of the pic.

There is only three more weekends to enjoy the racing so get on out there and support Thoroughbred Racing. Fri. & Sat. post time 7:30PM.

Oh and Michelle, Isabel say’s stay out her next close up!


Longshot's Humor


Longshot's Humor_





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5 responses to “The Fly Spray That Will Give Your Horses The Peace They Love.

  1. Love it – thanks for my morning laugh! I guess that’s what you get when you photo-bomb a horse.

  2. LOL…That’s what the owner said Diane!

  3. Kool. Looking forward into getting back into the business myself.. Looking into starting a Horse farm for breeding.

  4. That picture has to be the best yet…. Wish we all could have them that natural!

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