Sunday Soul Sacrifice ~ WOODSTOCK FOREVER.

Woodstock 1969




Carlos Santana – guitar
Gregg Rolie – organ
David Brown – bass
Michael Shrieve – drums
Michael Carabello – congas, percussion
José “Chepito” Areas – timbales, congas, percussion


Hippie Peace



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3 responses to “Sunday Soul Sacrifice ~ WOODSTOCK FOREVER.

  1. I still do not understand why I said no, when invited to go up to Woodstock, cause my buddy came from near there and had a place to stay. We all have a right to be dumb now and then but I think I used mine all up on that one! Grin

  2. Oh Ned!!!

    And I wish I had been about 2,3 years older. Was only 12 in 69′, few years more me and friends would have been thumbing there or taking bus. Of course we would have gotten the living shit beat out of us when we came back but oh my the freedom for that that week coming and going would have been worth it.

    Wow! Oh well look at it this way The Doors were invited to perform and they didn’t think it would be a big deal. LOL….I’m sure they had regrets as well.

    All I know is I wish I could step into a time machine back to that exact moment, just a little older of course.


  3. I will join u in that time machine 🙂

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