Sunday Sleep In ~ “Romance” ~ Gerald Wilson Orchestra

Unmistakably Gerald. Gerald_Wilson

Creating music now for 75 years. Sept. 4 he will be 96 years young. Having had the privilege to have seen him at work multiple times at the Detroit Jazz Festival and with the audience helped to celebrate his 92nd in 2010, I pray I get another chance to see him again.

A beautiful soul who has shared his absolute talent and gift of outstanding masterpieces of jazz.

“Romance” was part a five song theme of different styles/moods, band interpretations for the 1997 Monterey Jazz Festival. They couldn’t have asked for a better writer/composer/arranger if they tried. He perfected this original that would become “Theme For Monterey”.

So sit back and relish in his orchestration that no one else on this earth could compare.


Gerald Wilson



Written & Composed by Gerald Wilson.
Released in 1998 off the album Theme For Monterey.

Credits on song.

Brian O’Rourke -piano
Trey Henry – bass
Scott Mayo – soprano sax
Carl Randall, Randall Willis* – tenor sax, * alto
George Bohanon, Isaac Smith, Leslie Benedict – trombone
Carl Saunders, Snooky Young*, Oscar Brashear, Ron Barrows – trumpet
Anthony Wilson, Eric Veliotes – guitar
Mel Lee – drums


A Master At Work 

Gerald Wilson Orchestra



Sadly we will never get the chance to see him again, on this earth anyway, as Gerald passed away 4 days after his 96th birthday on Sept. 8, 2014.

He will be enormously missed.  Lead that Heaven Jazz Orchestra sweet Gerald as you rest in the arms of Jesus.


In Memory

In Memory of Gerald Wilson


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