Sunday Sleep In ~ “The Island” ~ Sarah Vaughan

Sarah Vaughan

Beautiful rendition of Ivan Lin’s & Vitor Martins song Começar de Novo (Starting Over) with english lyrics by Alan and Marilyn Bergman that would become “The Island”.

As with everything “Sassy” sang she did it with pure relentless emotion, her passion came pouring through out of this piece the way seduction and romance was meant to be.

Hearing it her vocal chords and the musicians behind the instrumentation guided you to The Island where you could share in the fantasy.

Ecstasy at its best.


Sarah Vaughan_The Island



Released in 1982 off the album Crazy and Mixed Up.
Produced by Sarah Vaughan.

Roland Hanna – piano
Joe Pass – guitar
Andy Simpkins – bass
Harold Jones – drums


Sassy_Crazy and Mixed Up


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One response to “Sunday Sleep In ~ “The Island” ~ Sarah Vaughan

  1. A wonderful talented woman with a voice and music that takes you to the many blissful days in the islands.

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