Fathers Day



The greatest Italian singer to ever come out of Hoboken, New Jersey.

My Dad loved the other one as well but this was the one who was playing in every Italian household of my Dad’s generation while the gravy was cooking.

Jimmy Roselli.

Sinatra might have wrecked this man’s career worthy of his voice, we know in a vocal prize fight Roselli would have scored a first round knock out.


Jimmy Roselli



The Jimmy Roselli Story_Making The Wiseguys Weep


Mi manchi papà il giorno di Padre.

In Memory of my Dad



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5 responses to “Fathers Day

  1. Loved this one! And what a nice memory and tribute to your Dad.

  2. TY Dianne.

    The pictures on the video itself had me in tears. I visualized my Grandparents coming here via Ellis Island in 1909 and how it was once upon a time in families and the Italian neighborhoods throughout America.

  3. An inspiring tribute to an amazing man and father. His legacy continues and forever stay alive through you and his love ones.

  4. Reblogged this on Longshot's Blog and commented:

    Sadly for the first time the date of my Dad’s death falls on Father’s Day this year. It’s going to be a very hard day. Love and Miss you Dad.

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