Sunday Sleep In ~ “Twilight Song” ~ Charlie Haden and Kenny Barron

Charlie Haden & Kenny Barron



Twilight Song

Written by Kenny Barron.
Recorded at the Iridium in New York City 1996.
Released in 1998 off the album Night and the City.

Kenny Barron — piano
Charlie Haden — bass


Night and City



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3 responses to “Sunday Sleep In ~ “Twilight Song” ~ Charlie Haden and Kenny Barron

  1. And very sad news that Charlie Haden has died at 76 on July 11, 2014.

    What an astounding talent. Charlie’s bass lit up a million rooms, Jazz has certainly lost another gem. His life will live on forever through the endless music he created.

    Heaven just received another grand player, we get to relish in his memory.

    God keep you Charlie.

    Play Well…….

    Remembering Jazz Legend Charlie Haden, Who Crafted His Voice In Bass

  2. One of the most beautiful things I ever heard, thank you.
    Sad indeed that mr Haden died, he was a great player and arranger.
    Bless you Kenny Barron for having written such wonderful things.
    Would I be able to find the score to this arrangement and others by you?

    Greets from Amsterdam
    Inez Karkabe

  3. Hello Inez and welcome. This whole Night and City album was a gem.

    All you can do is Google (or any other search engines) Charlie Haden and Kenny Barron twilight song sheet music or whatever songs sheet and see what you come up with. Just be careful with some of the downloads because you may end up with something that may in-fact harm your computer.

    I know there are sites you can purchase sheets, now whether they would have this particular live piece or not I don’t know.

    Yes Charlie was a gigantic loss, Thank God these musical treasures are forever.

    Greetings from Detroit, Mi. USA

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