Sunday Sleep In ~ “But Beautiful” ~ Don Sleet Quintet

What is wrong with this picture, the title of this song cannot even define this obscure trumpeter enough. But look at the rest of the players on this album.

Jimmy Heath on tenor sax, Wynton Kelly on piano, Ron Carter on bass and Jimmy Cobb on drums.

All major known jazz artists except Don Sleet.

At the moment I have no hearing impairment but this guy wasn’t just good, he was great. So what happened?

One album is all he got. “All Members” Released in 1961.

What a damn shame to just sweep this jazz great’s tone under the rug, never ever gaining the recognition he deserved.

I encourage you to look at the entire album, one composition Sleet’s own “Fast Company” blazed. All I can say is he more than belonged.

Sadly Sleet died at the age of just 48 from cancer in 1986.


Don Sleet_Jazz Trumpeter



But Beautiful

Written by Johnny Burke and James Van Heusen.
Released in 1961 off the album “All Members”.

Don Sleet – trumpet
Jimmy Heath – sax
Wynton Kelly – piano
Ron Carter – bass
Jimmy Cobb – drums


Don Sleet


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