California Chrome …. Dreams Do Come True! 140th KY Derby Winner.

Victor Espinoza celebrates


So much for four white feet being bad luck!

California Chrome Ky Derby Winner


From out of a $8,000.00 MD bred mare named Love the Chase and a $2,500 stud fee from KY bred Lucky Pulpit came a diamond in the rough. Owners Perry Martin & Steve Coburn were called dumb ass’s for having got involved. Thus Dumb Ass’s Partners were formed and are now laughing all the way to the bank, and this retired groom couldn’t be more happier for them.

As far as that goes I’m elated that Art Sherman a 77 year-old trainer who started out in the stable area as a hot walker at 18 defeated all these well-known over-rated named trainers.

Steve Coburn gave credit to his partner stating Martin knew his bloodlines. That he did. Even though California Chrome’s momma & daddy didn’t score so big you have to look a lot further down, way way further down all the way back to War Admiral whose daddy was Man O’War. Then Northern Dancer and history of that blood line, and that was just momma’s side of the family. LOL

One could say, well there’s a lot of horses from such great past historical ancestry and I’d say to them yes very true. But these men saw a chance, a hope and a dream of what could be and the went for it shoving negative criticism aside. And with today’s running of the 140th Kentucky Derby their heart & gut dream came true.

They never had a doubt, they’re instinct was 1,000% right. So all three men tonight are basking in a real life movie type story. All from humble beginnings working for everything they’ve earned & achieved in life and it has paid off. Of course they probably still are pinching themselves to see if what unfolded today really happened, who wouldn’t? But they can relax in fine fashion knowing the celebration taking place did happen because California Chrome did in-fact go into the history books today.

What a beautiful birthday present for co-owner Steve Coburn, two grand celebrations in one. KY Derby had landed on mine many times as well being a first week May born also.

Aren’t stubborn Taurus’s wonderful! LOL

We can’t be told nothing which is a good thing, it means we have a mind of our own. What a Long Shot “no pun intended for my nick name” story to be told.

My congratulations to all the connections to this horse whose heart really won the race. Now 5 for 5.

Perry Martin, Steve Coburn, Art Sherman, Jockey Victor Espinoza, Groom Raul Rodriguez who spends the most time with this horse and takes care of its every need from head to feet seven days a week, un-named exercise rider & blacksmith who all are vital equal parts of people that allows for the horse to perform its best.

California Chrome may have come from supposedly cheap parents but its child today was wrapped with roses and much love for people who dared to dream.

May it continue on to the Preakness, from the State where the momma was bred. Oh Maryland, Oh Maryland.


California Chrome out front KY Derby

California Chrome _ KY Derby_ Dreams Do Come True

Victor Espinoza_ California Chrome 2014 KY Derby

140th KY Derby-California Chrome

Espinoza_California Chrome Derby Winner

KY Derby_Epinoza & Allen Sherman


Assistant Trainer Allen Sherman (Art’s son) Celebrating.

Assistant trainer Alan Sherman California Chrome

2014 KY Derby Winner Victor Espinoza


Winner’s Circle…Let The Party Begin.

KY Derby Winners Cilcle 2014

140th KY Derby Winner Circle

2014 KY Derby_Winners Circle



140th KY Derby Start


Dreams Do Come True.


140t -Kentucky Derby-California Chrome Winner


Victor Espinoza  & Steve Coburn



California Chrome – Espinoza
7.00 5.60 4.20

Commanding Curve – Bridgmohan
31.80 15.40

Danza – Bravo


$2 Exacta (5-17) Paid $340.00
$2 Trifecta (5-17-4) Paid $3,424.00
$2 Super (5-17-4-20) Paid $15,383.80



Califonia Chrome $8,500 Gem

I Love It!


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