Saturday Psychedelics ~ “San Francisco Girls (Return of the Native)” ~ Fever Tree

Fever Tree 1968


Sadly unforgotten band and song.

This may have only been their biggest hit out of the four albums produced from 68′-70′ but this native Texas group in my opinion had some nice sounds with other songs. I loved Dennis Keller’s set of pipes. What they lacked was more innovating writing.

For a brief time in 78′ guitarist Michael Stephen Knust regrouped with new members and still produced some nice sounds but the magic of those hippie San-Fran days had disappeared. Knust died in 2003.

What was more perplexing to me was with Keller’s voice no other band grabbed him, God knows there were many who could have used his talent. Nevertheless Fever Tree is in the history books if only for this one song.


Fever Tree



San Francisco Girls (Return of the Native)

Written by Scott and Vivian Holtzman.
Released off the bands self entitled name album in 1968.

Dennis Keller – vocals
Michael Stephen Knust – guitar
Rob Landes – keyboards
E.E. “Bud” Wolfe – bass
John Tuttle – drums




Hippies Always Welcome


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