Sunday Sleep In ~ “Sundays” ~ Enrico Pieranunzi Trio

Enrico Pieranunzi


Born in Rome, Italy this pianist, composer and arranger has accompanied and played among the best in Jazz.

Chet Baker, Charlie Haden, Frank Rosolino, Billy Higgins, Art Farmer just to name a few.

He has written scores for movies, is a professor and an author. The album “Ballads” from which this song is from is the 6th album in-which he collaborated with bassist Mark Johnson and drummer Joey Baron in 2006. The first with them in 1984 and since has released two more.

Starting in the 70s in Europe he quickly set both the classical & jazz scene there on fire before hooking up with American musicians.

In all Enrico Pieranunzi has written more than 300 compositions and recorded more than 70 albums/CDs. From solo’s, duets to quintets. Chet Baker’s “Night Wind”, Phil Wood’s “Hindsight” just a few from a notable list that became international standards.

A lyrical approach so fine it has made him a very much recognizable figure of contemporary jazz.


enrico pieranunzi, marc johnson, joey baron




Composition by Enrico Pieranunzi.

Released in 2006 off the album “Ballads”.

Enrico Pieranunzi – piano
Marc Johnson – bass
Joey Baron – drums


Enrico Pieranunzi _Ballads

Enrico Pieranunzi Trio


Enrico _ Pieranunzi


jazz piano


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