Saturday Psychedelics ~ “Odyssey” ~ Jasper Wrath

Jasper Wrath Album Cover 1971

This band formed in 1969, New Haven, Connecticut. They mostly defined progressive rock on their self entitled album released in 71′, but I thought Odyssey stood out the gem hearing what had come out of the 60s San Fran Haight/Ashbury scene.

Giannotti (aka Gennette) split from the band before a national tour even took place soon after its release. Not finding a suitable replacement the band went on a hiatus with Cannata ( aka Christopher Hawke) & Solden going to London then to Spain. In 73′ the reformed with Stone (aka Stoltie) and three new members but really never had any national success though they maintained performing live with new songs until 76′ when Jasper Wrath finally came to a conclusion.


Jasper Wrath



Written by Jasper Wrath.

Jeff Cantata – drums, percussion, woodwinds, guitar, lead vocals
Robert Giannottii – guitar, flute, vocals
Michael Soldan – keyboards, vocals
Phil Stone – bass, vocals


Jasper_Wrath 1971


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