Sunday Sleep In ~ “Our Game” ~ Till Brönner

Not hard to hear where this German born trumpeter, fluglehornist, singer and player gets his style from.

With the tone, his low key intimate vocals it spells Chet Baker all over the place.

Born in 1971 and raised in Rome by early teens he got a taste of bebop via Bird. But who would become his hero would be Chet. Two years after this release in 98′ he would record Chattin With Chet as a dedication to him.

Not as mesmerizing as Baker for nobody could take that spot, but for Till’s generation he reigns as Germany’s best jazz artist and I can’t argue with that recognition.


Till Brönner



Our Game

Written by Rob Hoare, Arrangement by Till Brönner.
Released off the 1998 album “Love”,
EmArcy Record Label. Re-released on Verve.

Till Brönner – vocals, flugelhorn
Frank Chastenier – piano
Chuck Loeb – guitar
Tim Lefebvre – bass
Wolfgang Haffner – drums


Got to give Rob Hoare his due, the musical composition and lyrics to this song are beautiful, written in such a way that so many times in life rings  true.

All along
We were playing a game
Making believe, taking turns
So who ́s to blame?
One by one we met the fools,
Who ́ve never learned the rules
They played alone and wonder why

When we began
We could roll on with the dice
That freedom it seems
Came along with a price
One by one we met the fools,
Will they ever learn the rules
To play side by side?

And if we ́d been aware
Of what we shared
In our affair
How could we dare
Then give into love
In one long goodbye?

Tried to resist
What we felt in our hearts
Temptation remained
Now it ́s back to the start
One by one we met the fools together
All alone, they ́re with you
And one by one
They make a pass at romance
Playing our game too.





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2 responses to “Sunday Sleep In ~ “Our Game” ~ Till Brönner

  1. cooper

    Excellent – how do you keep finding all these?????

  2. I remember hearing Brönner’s name when Tony Bennet was interviewed years back (but I can’t remember from 30 mins. ago LOL) yet I had forgot about the artist soon after, glad I sat and listened to about 2 hours worth of his music recently. I said damn this man is good and outside of the horn aspect to his talent it was the vocals that suddenly awakened me to the fact I felt like I was listening to a bit of Chet again, only a different era.

    Hell I’ll take what I can get. The whole song takes you back into the long past when jazz was at its finest. Passion of music you never stop seeking, so many gems out there for the taking and enjoyment. Glad I finally found him again but this time not going to lose this artist. Just too good.

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