Sunday Sleep In & Remember ~ “This Boy” ~ The Beatles 1964

The Beatles_1964_Ed Sullivan Show

6 years old, at my grandma’s on east side of Detroit, laying on that wine colored carpet with the cream swirls watching wide-eyed at a black and white television set that only had 4 channels. That night the whole world only need one.

The music made us see colors.

Hearing this made me cry for I long for that time again so many years ago. It also reminds me that this was some of the best harmonies on any record they ever recorded.

I could have posted it in stereo but I wanted it the way we heard it.

Yes 50 years ago and still Magic.

These Boys.


The Beatles Kennedy Airport February 1964


(Originally had Mono version posted but YT removed it, Alt. take)


Paul McCartney
John Lennon
George Harrison
Ringo Starr


George Harrison1964-The-Beatles

Ringo 1964

Paul and John


The Beatles 1964

1964 The Days of Innocence…. How Could You Not Miss Them.




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One response to “Sunday Sleep In & Remember ~ “This Boy” ~ The Beatles 1964

  1. cooper

    You got that right. While it was like watching aliens from another world (and in ’64, it was) it was exquisitely new and exciting. I remember going to see Hard Day’s Night at the movies and not understanding a word they said until about 20 minutes into the movie. Tough to imagine a British accent as thoroughly foreign.

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