Friday Freak Flag Flying ~ Colors Welcomed ~ “Born To Be Wild” ~ Steppenwolf

Penetrators MC Detroit

Scorpions MC Detroit


Magnificent 7 MC Detroit

Axemen MC Detroit

Highwaymen MC Detroit

Forbidden Wheels M.C. Detroit

Outlaws MC Detroit

WildCats MC Detroit

Ghost Riders MC Detroit

Detroit Gentlemen MC

Warthogs MC Detroit

I would love to meet the ignorant fool who actually is as stupid as he sounds on the video he posted on Face Book about a bar in Taylor, Mi..

BTW the news got it wrong too, Colors doesn’t mean Gangs, it means Motorcycle Clubs Logo.

Who do you think shows up at the funerals for fallon soldiers to keep away the nut case group, Westboro Baptist Church?

All bikers, Colors and without.



Written by Dennis Edmonton aka Mars Bonfire.
Released in 1968 debut album self entitled band name, Steppenwolf.

John Kay – guitar, lead vocals
Michael Monarch – guitar
Rushton Moreve – bass
Goldy McJohn – organ
Jerry Edmonton – drums




Live To Ride_Ride To Live_HD


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One response to “Friday Freak Flag Flying ~ Colors Welcomed ~ “Born To Be Wild” ~ Steppenwolf

  1. To this day – one of the greatest rock songs ever made.

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