Wednesday When It Was Music ~ “The Other Hours” ~ Harry Connick, Jr.

Harry Connick Jr.


There is no other singer I know of that absolutely captures Frank Sinatra’s fabulous phrasing other than the very talented Harry Connick, Jr..

This man is a blessing that has thankfully continued the tradition of fine tuned vocalization.

On the second Video his 16 piece Big Band shines as he has brought another couple of generations the sound that my parents enjoyed.

“Only You” is Harry Connick, Jr.’s 20th album out of the 30 that’s been released, starting in 1977 with his first.

From the late 80s on this man has produced one Gold, Platinum, 2x Platinum & 3x Platinum albums after the other. Has received 10 Grammy Nominations – Winning 3, a Tony Nomination and from the PBS Special from which this video is playing won him the Emmy for Outstanding Music Direction.

This native-born New Orleans, Louisiana man is a Gift.

A Composer, Pianist, Singer, Actor, Arranger, Conductor, Connick defines the epitome of Showmanship & Entertainer. It doesn’t get any better than this.

One exceptional crooner & big band leader that brought the Swing and Class back from…

When It Was Music…


Harry Connick Jr._The Other Hours



Great Performances Harry Connick, Jr.: Only You | PBS
Recorded live at Le Théâtre du Capitole in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.
Released in 2004.

The Other Hours

Composed & Written by Harry Connick, Jr..
Released originally as an instrumental off the 2003 album Other Hours: Connick On Piano Volume 1.


Bourbon Street Parade (Composed by Paul Barbarin)



Whole Album/DVD Credits.

Neal Caine: Bass
Arthur Latin: Drums
Charles “Ned” Goold: Alto & Tenor Saxophone
Jimmy Greene: Alto Saxophone
Jerry Weldon: Tenor Saxophone
Mike Karn: Tenor Saxophone
Dave Schumacher: Baritone Saxophone
Roger Ingram: Trumpet
Derrick Gardner: Trumpet
Leroy Jones: Trumpet (lead trumpet & vocals on Bourbon Street Parade)
Mark Braud: Trumpet
Mark Mullins: Trombone
Craig Klein: Trombone (lead on Bourbon Street Parade)
John Allred: Trombone & Tuba
Joe Barati: Bass Trombone
Lucien Barbarin: Trombone & Percussion

String Ensemble

Mélanie Vaugeois: Concert Master/Violin
Pascale Gagnon: Violin
Stéphane Allard: Violin
Mélanie Bélair: Violin
Marie-Josée Arpin: Violin
Marie-Claire Cousineau: Violin
Angélique Duguay: Violin
Édith Pedneault: Violin
Ligia Paquin: Viola
Pierre Tourville: Viola
Christiane Lampron: Viola
Jean-Marc Martel: Viola
Annie Gadbois: Cello
Chantal Marcil: Cello
Sheila Hannigan: Cello
Thérèse Ryan: Cello


Harry Connick, Jr.


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One response to “Wednesday When It Was Music ~ “The Other Hours” ~ Harry Connick, Jr.

  1. cooper

    Never been a Harry Connick fan. I can’t deny the guy’s got talent – don’t know what it is I just can’t warm up to…

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