Saturday Sediments…Even More Snow & Freezing Temps..



8-10 more inches expected Sunday in Metro Detroit with single digit highs, below zero lows all next week.

No snow thrower, sick on top of it. I’m wasted & stressed.

I hate this, it is depressing.

Somebody HELP.



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4 responses to “Saturday Sediments…Even More Snow & Freezing Temps..

  1. nofrillswrapping

    We’ve gotten more snow than usual this season too. I’d rather have the below zero temperatures than more snow.

  2. cooper

    One of my favorite graphics but I usually don’t trot it out until at least mid-Feb. This winter sucks already. Feel better and stay warm.

  3. I’m sorry you’re getting hit so badly weather-wise and feeling so rotten into the bargain, but I couldn’t help laughing at your “single-digit” photo. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Laughing is the only way I can keep from screaming Diane.

    Yes Nofrills, it’s not really the temps but with the medical problems I suffer with the snow is impossible. Can’t really afford a snow thrower right now.

    Yeah Coop Detroit gets it first then makes it your way. In past years you guys have gotten slammed where it has missed us, not so lucky this year. I guess we all have to just hang in there, but I have had quite enough of it already.

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