2014 A New Year…Will it be Happy?



Where I sit personally right now I can’t foresee it being one.

Yes it’s a cliché to tell people Happy New Year but when you’re so damned depressed with worry about money, health problems & health insurance you thought you were going to be able to get but in reality still can’t afford… yet by their standards you’re still not quite broke enough to be eligible for medicaid. Too sick to work, living off a dwindling savings account I worked so damn hard and long for almost gone.

I can’t muster up the phony words, Happy New Year.

Such a downer you think… but it is reality. Expect nothing and you won’t be disappointed. This goes most for those around you. I can relate to animals more than people, it’s the reason I worked with horses.

The best friend I ever had in life was a shaggy mutt name Jojo, I had him for 14 & a half years. Then another named Cory and frankly upon my death (which I hope is long way down the road like years and years) it is they I hope to see first if I ever make it to Heaven.

Animals give you in return what you give them, Love. People on the other hand will throw shit at you no matter how good you treat them.

With the problems of the world and with-in people’s personal lives do I think 2014 will be any different, better or happier… at this particular moment. No

So all I can offer is a New Year Blessing to all as for myself I’m praying for a miracle, because that is what I in fact need.

The clock struck midnight like the other 364 days, it’s just another year. Blues is the only thing that makes it bearable.

The dogs were loyal both they & I were worthy of each others love. If only people were like them none of us would have ever had a worry in our lifetime, we would all just help each other. But not in this world.

So like the songs say’s.

Life ain’t easy
It’s a long, hard, rocky road
Well it’s dog, dog eat dog
And survival of the fittest so I’m told
No matter how you try
Life is hard and then you die

This old world is a tangle
You can’t trust your closest friend
You know the devil wears a blue dress
And she’s out to get you in the end
I can’t count the tears I cried
Life is hard and then you die

Yeah, it’s hard…

Got their own cross to bear
Black or white, rich or poor
You know the blues is everywhere (everywhere)
Just keep reachin’ for the sky
Life is hard and then you die



Life Is Hard

Written by Fred James.
Released off the 1991 album “Let Me In”.

Credits on song.

Johnny Winter – guitar, vocals
Dr. John – piano
Jeff Ganz – bass
Tom Compton – drums


Johhny Winter



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3 responses to “2014 A New Year…Will it be Happy?

  1. I love these blues, but I’m sorry they apply to your life right now. Wishing you a much better 2014!

  2. TY Diane, much appreciated.

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