Sunday Sleep In ~ “Soaring Through A Dream” ~ Al Di Meola Project

Al Di Meola Project_Soaring Through A Dream


I couldn’t decide which song to play off this album, all so beautiful as the magic from the musicians just flows. Capoeira for another time.



Soaring Through A Dream

Written by Al Di Meola & Airto Moreira.
Released off the 1985 album of the same name.

Al Di Meola – acoustic and synclavier guitars
Airto Moreira – percussion, vocals
Phil Markowitz – keyboards, piano
Chip Jackson – bass
Danny Gottlieb – drums


Soaring Dreams



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2 responses to “Sunday Sleep In ~ “Soaring Through A Dream” ~ Al Di Meola Project

  1. cooper

    By pure chance I saw Al DiMeola in concert in Houston back in the 70’s. I got some great concert shots – will have to post them one of these days. Casino is still one of my favorite albums of his – don’t think I’ve ever listened to this one all the way through. Good stuff.

  2. My cousin turned me onto Elegant Gypsy. Mediterranean Sundance astounded both of us. He took guitar lessons I didn’t. He played songs I wish I could have, but then I could lay down riffs just playing by ear that he wished he could play.

    But when we both sat hearing M. Sundance, upon it’s conclusion just looked at each other thinking the same thing. Better get practicing 24/7. LOL

    To this day I still regard it as the most magical acoustic song I’ve ever heard. I don’t think Di Meola has ever recorded a bad song.

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