Motown Monday ~ This is Detroit! – Til It Shines..

Watch this in Full Screen and get some Kleenex!



Til It Shines – Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band.

Written by Bob Seger
Released off the 1978 album Stranger in Town.

Bob Seger – guitar, vocals
Drew Abbott – guitar
Robyn Robbins – keyboard
Alto Reed – alto saxophone (not on track)
Chris Campbell – bass
David Teegarden – drums
Glenn Frey – guitar solo



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2 responses to “Motown Monday ~ This is Detroit! – Til It Shines..

  1. cooper

    If there is one city that deserves a comeback it’s Detroit – having spent some time there a while ago I recognize a lot in that vid – and I swear I had that Al Kaline baseball card at one time as a kid.

  2. Even though Detroit will never be like it was once upon a time, how could it be? I’m still proud to say I’m a Detroiter!

    This city was something else growing up to in the 60s.

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