Detroit Lions Coach Jim Schwartz Lets Clock Run Out On Season & Hopefully His Job.

Detroit Lions


I couldn’t believe what I was watching after the Lions had taken the game back under control blew another lead by turnover, then we gained a last miracle chance.

Getting the ball back with TWO TIME-OUTS left in the second half. What does this imbecile of a coach do, he LETS THE CLOCK RUN OUT opting for overtime.

I don’t particularly even like football but I sat there screaming at the TV set. What in the hell is he doing???

My God, we could have at least tried to get into field goal range to win the game in regulation time.

Two Time-Outs and he doesn’t think it was worth it?

Utterly outrageous & infuriating.

After last week I said well can’t blame him for the lost or the season. He can’t play the game for the players.

No Sunday… he wouldn’t let them continue playing.

I don’t believe anybody in history had ever made this stupid of a move in any sport. In HISTORY.

Maybe with 23 seconds left we wouldn’t have made it to the point at a field goal shot, but it sure would have been nice to see and worth a try using those last two time-outs at the attempt. We would have still had the overtime if we had failed. We’ll never ever know now.

Jim Schwartz wouldn’t let us find out. So the hell with him the same way he said the hell with this game never making the effort. Hopefully those precious seconds he just threw away that any other team would have been joyful to put to good use along with the remaining time-outs, also are the ones that run out on him having a job.

Good-bye and good riddance quitter.


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