Sunday Sleep In ~ “Asta” ~ Możdżer Danielsson Fresco.

Możdżer, Danielsson, Fresco

What a completely hypnotic piece.

Europe’s elite got together and produced some of the most beautiful compositions for this 2005 album entitled “The Time”.

In reality the music will end up being Timeless.

All three musicians Polish pianist Leszek Możdżer, Israeli percussionist Zohar Fresco & Danielsson are very accomplished players on their own.

Swedish bassist Lars Danielsson wrote this particular song. He has been recording since 1980, besides his 8 solo albums he has accompanied so many artists the discography is countless. Also a record producer.

Leszek Możdżer before he ever graduated with honors from the Instrumental Faculty of the Academy of Music in Gdansk (96′) he was apart of a band and started recording in 1992. Like Danielsson between his own albums, compositions and playing with many notable American jazz artists, again the discography is plentiful. He has won many awards for music and culture and is a film music composer

Zohar Fresco vocals are as great as his percussion, mastering the frame drum. He has collaborated with a virtuoso of violin Taiseer Elias along with many others as well as touring. He also started recording in the early 90s.

Every single one of them seem to have classical attributes through a modal contemporary feel to the jazz they create. The trio definitely came out sounding atmospheric that invigorates all of your inner music sensories that is relaxing and beyond enjoyable.

So lay back.

Możdżer_ Danielsson _Fresco




Composed by Lars Danielsson
Released (Poland) in 2005 off the album Możdżer Danielsson Fresco The TIME.

Leszek Możdżer – piano
Lars Danielsson – double bass, cello
Zohar Fresco – drums, percussion, vocals


Lars Danielsson

Leszek Możdżer

Zohar Fresco

Możdżer Danielsson  Fresco, the Time


Możdżer Danielsson Fresco Trio


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