Thursday Throwdown ~ “Rakim/Sister Awake/The Halcyon Days” ~ Jeff Martin

Jeff Martin_The Tea Party_Ca. Band

Excellent artist from across our river here in Detroit.

Canadian (Windsor, Ont.) born Martin along with band-mates Stuart Chatwood and Jeff Burrows formed the real Tea Party in 1990.

Our nut case group here in America literally offered to buy their website domain name (they bought in 93′), worth over a $1 million US dollars. Chatwood stated “So much damage has been done to our name by this political movement that they considered selling but instead has since added the phrase “No politics… Just Rock and Roll” to their site in order to distance themselves from the US political group.

The Tea Party has produced 11 albums, Jeff Martin who split from the band for 6 years produced about 4-5 studio album with the rest live. Since 2011 the band has reunited vowing to never split up again.

Many excellent songs written and have come out throughout the years from TTP, for this day I thought this medley fit the bill for a throw-down. Martin has a phenomenal set of pipes with an exceptional range of octaves.

I love the Indian, middle eastern flavor this band adapted into their music early on. This is just on example and display of it. Will definitely do another blog on the whole band soon.

Martin has a studio Byron Bay, Australia.
In Sept. of 2012 the band released “Live from Australia”.



Rakim written by Dead Can Dance originally released off their 1994 album “Toward the Within”.

Sister Awake written by The Tea Party off their 1995 album “The Edges of Twilight”

The Halcyon Days written by The Tea Party released off their 1999 album “Triptych”

Video from Montreal, Quebec at Petit Campus, August 17th 2010.

Jeff Martin – acoustic guitar, vocals




The Tea Party band



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  1. I love Jeff Martin and talk about him in my to blog on wordpress: Didine596472 and didine596472 come to read me

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