Sunday Sleep In ~ “In My Dreams” ~ Duško Gojković

This native Balkan (born in Yugoslavia) life started out horridly as you’ll read in his Bio. He went to hell and back determined to not only become a musician but faced prison to perform. He wanted to master and craft the trumpet of his heroes Satchmo & Roy Eldridge.

He finally got to live his dream playing with the greats of the 50s – Chet Baker, Stan Getz, then Dizzy Gillespie, Gerry Mulligan, Sonny Rollins and more in the 60s. He was a part of the orchestra’s of Kenny Clarke, Woody Herman & Maynard Ferguson.

Playing both Trumpet & Flugelhorn in 1966 he produced his first album Swinging Macedonia as leader, it’s been 2 years since his last in 2011. Gojković is 82 years old.

His Bio.

Just goes to show you how the passion of music wills your spirit to live. In Gojković’s words “Jazz is Freedom” stated beautifully and he’s done it proud.





In My Dreams composed by Duško Gojković.
Released off the album of the same name in 2001.

Duško “Bugs” Gojković – trumpet
Bob Degen – piano
Isla Eckinger – bass
Jarrod Cagwin – drums


Duško & Dzzy


Duško Gojković



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2 responses to “Sunday Sleep In ~ “In My Dreams” ~ Duško Gojković

  1. cooper

    I’m sittiing here listening to this and reading a Mike Hammer novel – it’s all so New York – a late autumn afternoon as the long shadows slide through the buildings setting windows on fire in a blaze of muted orange and the lights of the city flicker on.. Excellent pick.

  2. Actually your description is as good as the music…Coop.

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