Sunday Sleep In ~ “Asian Dream” ~ Makoto Ozone Trio

What an absolute delightful find.

makoto + ozoneMakoto Ozone in his native land of Japan started playing the organ at 2 years-old (according to his parents) and by 7 was doing his own improvisations. He was on television with his Dad from 1968-70. Then he heard an Oscar Peterson recording and that was that, he switched to piano.

While still attending high school he appeared in a few major jazz festivals in Japan as a pianist of a professional Big band named “Tadao Kitano” and “Arrow Jazz Orchestra”.

He entered Berklee College of Music in 1980 and got the attention of Gary Burton and in 1983 signed with CBS records and debuted a self entitled album consisting of his own compositions and joined the Gary Burton quartet.

A world tour over he debuted as a solo pianist at Carnegie Hall as part of a jazz festival there. 3 more CDs later he moved back to Japan where he signed with a label there and produced three CDs there. Then onto another label Verve/Polydor to produce a solo album and another.

He has played as a guest on multiple jazz artists albums along with Gary Burton, produced even more albums and was awarded Best Jazz of Japan in 1997.

In 98′ he dedicated an album to his idol titled “Dear Oscar” that won him another Best Jazz of Japan the same year.

Presently living in New York.

Man I’ll let you go to his website to read the rest.

Talk about an “Asian Dream” come true. With bassist James Genus and percussionist Clarence Penn this gorgeous piece more than defines post-bop or contemporary jazz, it is a stunning display of talent that has landed him in the same league as his idol and keeps him solidly booked.


Makoto Ozone



Asian Dream

Composed by Makoto Ozone.

Live at Blue Note Tokyo, 2006.

Makoto Ozone – piano
James Genus – bass
Clarence Penn – drums


Makoto Ozone Trio


Makoto _ Ozone





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3 responses to “Sunday Sleep In ~ “Asian Dream” ~ Makoto Ozone Trio

  1. cooper


  2. cooper

    wish Asian Dream was on the CD….

  3. Easy Coop, go to You Tube MP3 converter.

    The URL to this video is

    Now just put the URL into box and click convert video, once in MP3 then click download. I don’t know if all the tracks to this album is on YT but if so do this to all of them. Once converted burn your own CD.

    You can buy CD. and according to this site it states Additional Track Information Alive!! Live At Blue Note Tokyo CD music. Additional Track Information Alive!! Live At Blue Note Tokyo album for sale.

    And Asian Dream was an additional track. As you can see

    CD Universe Part number 7878077

    According to his website this performance is both on DVD & CD. and notice the song is there.

    So I don’t know where it can be purchased. But like I said you can convert the video to MP3, download it then burn it.

    Glad you enjoyed it & Good Luck.

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