Sultry Saturday ~ “Something Wicked” ~ Spencer Day

This 2013 release “The Mystery Of You” is just another example of the fabulous composing and lyrical works of this artist. With sensual smooth baritone crooning vocals for me he is the best thing that has come onto the jazz scene in several decades.

This whole concept album contains variations of taste to the ballads, latin jazz and pop with each telling a story.

But as I said on another blog written on Spencer after his first major release in 2009 “Till You Come To Me” I have no idea why this man hasn’t caught fire and became a household name.

Unbelievable stylistic phrasing and very creative writing skills.

He’s completely in tune with his inner musical soul and it comes out in the best of ways. His whole approach to a song comes from out of the depths.

He doesn’t perform attempting to try to emulate anyone else other than himself and that is true and defining talent.





Something Wicked

Written by Spencer Day, Cliff Goldmacher & Marc Jackson Burrows – music. Spencer Day – lyrics.

Credits on song.

Spencer Day – composer, keyboards, lyricist, piano, string arrangements, vocals
Yair Evnine – guitar (baritone), sitar?
John Storie – guitar
Paul Bryan – bass
Michael Jerome Moore – drums
Harmonica ?


Spencer Day



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2 responses to “Sultry Saturday ~ “Something Wicked” ~ Spencer Day

  1. cooper

    First time I’ve heard him. Not bad. Love the “wicked” make-up….

  2. Oh Coop you got to tune into this one. My introduction to Spencer Day.

    I had to change the video, same performance only the other was clearer & sound quality better. But you know YT always removing them. I absolutely fell In love with his voice and whole style, like a jazz vocal from old. Live version of Till You Come To Me was better than the album cut.. It’s a shame he still hasn’t got much recognition like the Sinatra wannabe whose name we hear day in & out.

    Day in my opinion is a 1,000 times better with a ton more talent.

    Glad you enjoyed.

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