Friday At The Fillmore ~ “Dream Sequence” ~ Mountain

Mountain’s third album from 1971 “Flowers of Evil” first side was studio with the second Live.

Wouldn’t have meant a thing, first, fifth, last. Leslie West from the start could blow the roof of any venue.

It still astonishes me that Mountain never ended up on film at Woodstock nor the album. Their performance on Dec. 31, 1970 was also a memorable performance at the Fillmore East.

I had to laugh when I read the wiki page on this album and it stated “First” live outing. Are you kidding me?

Woodstock 69′ 500,000. I’d say they had been in-front of an audience way before this performance. A gigantic one.


Mountain- Leslie West and Felix Pappalardi April 1970  sheet 647 frame 3



Roll Over Beethoven Written By Chuck Berry.
Dreams of Milk and Honey Written by Leslie West, Felix Pappalardi(Ventura/Landsberg)Variations – West/Pappalardi/Laing/Knight.
Swan Theme Written by Pappalardi & Gail Collins Pappalardi.

Recorded June 27, 1971 Fillmore East

Leslie West – guitar, vocals
Felix Pappalardi – bass, vocals
Corky Laing – drums, percussion
Steve Knight – organ




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  1. cooper

    This is one of my favorites. I love playing drums to this whole side. outstanding!

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