Garden City Mi. Mayor Randy Walker Say’s It’s Only Fair That You Should Pay For Water You Do Not Use.

At the public meeting that took place on Oct. 21, 2013 at G.C. City Hall on The Special Lighting Assessment for the third year in a row, I among many brought up this new Water Rate Model.

You can read it here in the G.C. Sept. 22, 2013 Observer:

Written by Sue Buck
Staff Writer.


Council recently adopted a water rate model that will reduce costs for high water users while increasing it across the board for lower water users.

“With a recently approved new water rate model, Walker said that the city has decreased the cost for more than half of the high water users. The lower water users, especially seniors who are on fixed incomes and tend to watch their water usage to save money, will see an increase of less than $12″.

If the newspaper link disappears you can read it here as I copied and posted it in its entirety. 

I asked two specific questions of Mayor Walker:

Question 1:

How fair is it to decrease the bills of the high water users and put it onto the people like me, a single person household or as the news article stated seniors or anybody that keeps a close eye on their water consumption.

Question 2:

If I were to leave my home for the winter and not a drop of water were to come out of my faucet or go down my drain (sewage) would my house still get a bill of less than $12.00.

He stated he would answer both questions during the round table portion. But when it got time for the answers he only addressed the first.

As Mayor Randy Walker sees it, the businesses of the city and large family households have paid more of their fair share money wise and explained he now wanted to even things out where everybody paid the same amount. He said people who in the past used less water paid less.

Well that makes perfect sense to me.

But NOW he wants the people who use lower water amounts to pay more to take the burden off the high water users. Mayor Walker stated that is the only fair thing to do.

Needless to say with the answer to the first question he never got around to answering my second question because in essence he already answered it.

Reality: If anybody leaves their home for the Winter, Spring or any season for that matter and your home is human-less as in nobody’s home to turn on the faucets, showers, flush toilets, etc… If no water, not a drop comes out of your faucet nor a drop goes down your drain your house WILL BE getting a bill regardless because?

Mayor Randy Walker say’s that is only fair that you pay your fair share. You won’t use any water if gone but you must pay for it anyway.

(Somebody get the net)

What in-fact you will be paying for is Other Peoples Water Usage and for what goes down their drains.

If your away for 6 months, your house gets a bill every two months anyway. That comes to less than $36.00 for not using a drop.

In Mayor Walker’s crazy mind this is the only and more fair way.

I say we need to Replace Mayor Randy Walker and the council members who consistently support these kinds of disturbing and mentally unstable ideas.

Illegal Special Lighting Assessments by using an Ordinance (40.11) just drawn up and signed in 2011 and only voted on by the council when I was clearly told by a State Treasury worker who I corresponded with for 3 months that to be legal, that Ordinance would have had to be in place at the time of the city’s creation and voted on by the residents to how the authority could be used to allow the Mayor or Council to even have a special assessment.

Fact: There was no lighting district created in the city of Garden City at the city’s beginning therefore there was no Ordinance 40.11 that residents got to vote on.

Something just created two years ago and voted on only by the council is Illegal and that is the law by the State of Mi.

All in the link.

It was invented out of the ass of the fired former city manager Darwin McClary.

Now single and small households who use less water will be paying a higher bill because in the past those who used the most water paid bigger bills.

But it still gets me, if you leave town for months and use no water at all you still will be getting a bill because that’s only fair.

Insanity at its finest.

Hey it is what it is and if you want more of this, vote Randy Walker back in as the Mayor. After all Detroit voted back in Kwame Kilpatrick for a second term after already knowing he was a crook that was robbing them blind.

Will Garden City, Mi. beg for more of the same?

In a very short time we will indeed see.

And if you want him again, in a very short matter of time you’ll see what he thinks up next for how to go after more of your money. And there’s not a damn thing even remotely funny about this.

I would suggest not repeating Detroit’s mistakes as you can see how that ended up. Poorer and poorer people.

Wise Up.





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2 responses to “Garden City Mi. Mayor Randy Walker Say’s It’s Only Fair That You Should Pay For Water You Do Not Use.

  1. That’s crazy…but typical of a government solution. I think a round of shock treatments are in order…

  2. Reblogged this on security is for cadavers and commented:
    Here we have classic government thinking. Is it any wonder we are crumbling under true weight of our own stupidity as a nation??? A reblog from Longshot’s blog – which you should visit for no other reason than for the killer music she posts…

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