Sunday Sleep In ~ “Save That Time” ~ Kevin Mahogany

What a beauty from this vocalist’s debut album in 1993 “Double Rainbow“.

If this artist would have entered in a time period of the golden 1950s era of jazz instead of the 90s he would have been a household name. He has had 13 releases in all with various labels. USA & Newsweek both raved about him when his name self entitled album was released from Warner Brothers in 1996.

He acted and sang in Robert Altman’s 1996 movie “Kansas City” portraying Big Joe Turner and was apart of a October 1996 concert at Carnegie Hall released in 1997 as “Eastwood After Hours” as a tribute to actor Clint Eastwood.

But still no really big bells rang off for this singer during his career. He’s toured everywhere and those of us who have been into jazz for years know of him, but in a different place and time, even those who didn’t listen to or even like jazz would know his name.

This song is just one of many great works.


Kevin Mahogany _ Double Rainbow



Save That Time

Written by Russ Long.

Kevin Mahogany – vocalist
Kenny Barron – piano
Ralph Moore – tenor sax
Ray Drummond – bass
Lewis Nash – drums


Kevin Mahogany


Kevin Mahogany


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