Motown Monday “The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game” ~ The Marvelettes

What a befitting song for this day.

The Detroit Tigers had game 2, up 5-1 with a red hot pitcher who performed the was manager Leyland had hoped for and all of us expected. 13 KOs and hitless until the 6th inning. Max Scherzer as usual was on fire.

I will never understand the philosophy of taking this kind of pitcher out of the game. In the old days nobody was counting the pitches thrown, if they were doing good they continued until they weren’t doing good.

Denny McClain, Mickey Lolich were never pulled from fantastic pitching performances, they finished the game.

Boston didn’t win, Detroit handed them the game and there is a very distinctive difference.

Hey I love the skipper but Sunday night he threw away not only Max’s stellar performance and a win he damn well earned and deserved, but Miggy’s two HRs, Peralta’s and the others who got hits.

This game was ours for the taking, the Detroit Tigers starting pitcher and the hitters whose bats were flying had this game stolen from them. Not by the opposition but by over managing. I can’t count the games teams have lost because of this bullshit counting how many pitches the pitchers have thrown as if their arms will fall off if it exceeds in this present day mindset as if a written rule.

Losing this way is infuriating. Max Scherzer was feeling good and Boston couldn’t touch him but once, then he struck two more out. Why bring in a reliever, when we didn’t need relief. He could have easily came back in for the 8th

We were up 5-1 after 7 innings and our starter felt fine and was almost untouchable. You don’t take out a pitcher like this, you just don’t.


Leyland at game conference, hey that’s baseball. No it’s not, it’s a gigantic bad decision that wiped out every performance the Tigers had put forward. A sad shame and we can only hope it doesn’t cost us the series and the pennant.

If the starting pitcher is doing great and still feels he can come back out and fire more KOs, then leave them in.

We need to go back to OLD TIME BASEBALL.

Uuuuugh. We were the hunter that got captured by today’s game and it is a pathetic way to lose.


Tiger Defeat



Written by Smokey Robinson
Released in 1966.

Wanda Young-Rogers – lead vocals
Gladys Horton – background vocals
Katherine Anderson – background vocals
The Andantes – background vocals
The Funk Brothers – instrumentation


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