Justin Verlander 10 K’s 3 Hit Shutout, Detroit Tigers put away Oakland A’s for Second Straight Year and Third to ALCS!

I Am A Detroit Tiger Hear Me Roar!

Justin Verlander 2013 Shutout ALDS


With this Games 6 2/3 no hit innings Justin set a MLB Record. The most consecutive hit-less innings pitched in the playoffs against one opponent. During the 2012 and 2013 MLB playoffs, he threw 30 consecutive scoreless innings against the A’s.

The Final:

              R H E

Tigers  3 8 0
A’s        0 3 0

W: Verlander (1-0)
L: Gray (0-1)
SV: Benoit (2)


This man is magic, pure unprecedented magic. When most babbled on this year as Justin had fell into a slump compared to the on fire Max Scherzer, all I could think of is do all these people have complete very short memory loss. Our 2011 Cy Young/MVP Winner or who also shut this same team down in game 5 in 2012.

My God where is the loyalty. Yes I loved Max’s performances this year who wouldn’t but never did I erase all the excitement Justin had given us over the last three years. Hell instead of looking forward to the games of just one pitcher on the mound this year we had 5 and yes now we had two aces among them.

Thursday night Justin Verlander walked out on that mound as confident as always in the past and he took total command of the ball and the game. No fire has ever gone out, everybody in this life at one time or another skids a little. Why anybody thinks a ball player is anything different I don’t know. These are not machines that play the game, they are made out of flesh and blood and more so guts.

Well Justin has more than just guts, he has talent and that never went away. For me he had nothing to prove for that had already been done two years ago. Thursday night he showed that at the crucial moment of a must win game he came out and blazed the opposition right out of their own park for the second year in a row. And don’t ever forget it.

Justin is one of the main reasons for the third straight year that The Detroit Tigers are off to the ALCS and hopefully will be back to back Pennant Winners.

Thank God also for Max Scherzer’s on fire talent this year along with the rest of the on fire starters and bull pen.

But no pitcher can win games without the bats and with all the talent we have in that department who do I start with?

Triple Crown hurting Miguel Cabrera blasts a 2 shot Home Run with more hits coming from the others.

Enough with the doubt and babbling about who is in a slump because with our team everybody picks up the slack until their teammates bounce back and they did that tonight and will continue to do it.

We are having a blast and in many people’s opinion the Tigers have the most all around talent in all of baseball. I expect to win the Pennant & The World Series in 2013 before Oct. is through. What about you!

Congratulations to the Detroit Tigers our 2013 ALDS Champs. Now lets kick Boston’s Ass and get that Pennant!!!




Cabrera & Fielder Oct. 10, 2013

Benoit ALDS save

Benoit & Avila 2013 ALDS Champs

Benoit & Avila Celebrate 2013

Shutout 2013 ALDS Tigers

Justin Verlander, Benoit, Avila to ALCS 2013

Starter & Closer 2013 ALDS Champs


Tigers Celebrate

Tigers Celebrate 2013 ALDS

Detroit Tigers 2013 Celebration ALDS

Tigers Skipper gets hug


Never a doubt Justin, Never a doubt!

Tigers Clubhose ALDS Win 2013


Tiger Fun 2013 ALDS

Tigers Clubhouse

Max Scherzer ALDS champs


ALDS Champs 2013

Detroit Tigers 2013 ALDS champs

Justin Verlander


Champagne Time ALDS Champs 2013





Justin Verlander isn’t back, he never ever left!

Justin Shuts Out A's to Clinch ALDS 2013




2013 AL Division Champs Detroit Tigers


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