Republicans To Destroy America & All That Has Been Accomplished.



This is really what it is all about. Health Care Reform is just their excuse.

Taxpayers pay for every member of congresses Health Ins. 100% and this so-called Religious “Right To Life” Party would rather fight to their own deaths to also cause the deaths of the millions of uninsured and under-uninsured.

Republicans Right To Die


They are fucking hypocrites one and all.

They would rather completely destroy all the good that has happened, all the economic recovery since Bush’s destructive years. Destroy the workers 401K’s, the housing market that just a couple of months ago again started to climb back up with prices 7 sales. Put this entire country right back into a recession purposely and flush all of it down the toilet just for spite because President Obama has done good.

This is your Selfish I’m For Myself Republican Party.

This Democrat worked all of her life, I do not believe in Welfare, I worked sick through many years. I’ve never asked a dime from this government. I’ve gone without health ins. while my taxes paid for Congress members.

Republicans say screw all the hard workers, students, created jobs, economic growth. Let’s take a million steps backwards and throw us from where we came out of, right back into the pit.

Well I’ve got news for these Tea Party one in the same Republicans. In the end you are going to BURN IN THAT PIT.

How Dare These Ignorant Demented GOP Pile Of Congress Shit.

But they will still be getting Their Paychecks, won’t they?

And they proclaim they love our country The United States Of America. At Midnight They Will Spitefully & Purposely Destroy America and all the good that has come and been recovered.

How Dare This Insane Republican Party.




Ted Cruz…and GOP. One big pile of shit.

GOP Party overflowing in Shit.


September 26, 2013


Republicans Destroy America



Only they are taking the entire country with them.

A crying damn shame. The GOP are USA’s Terrorists.

Don’t back down one inch Democrats because winning anything is not what these Republicans want anyway. Their main goal is to Destroy All That President Obama Has Accomplished and Destroy this country in that process.

They are psychologically sick. Sick in the Mind and sick in the Heart.

God Help Us from them all.


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