Detroit Tigers Capture Third Straight ALC Title! 2013

10 Strikeouts in 7 innings!

Max Scherzer 'Blackjack' TIGER ALC CHAMPS 2013

Max Scherzer “Blackjack”.

I Love It! After getting win #21 and the Tigers clinching the ALC Tori Hunter said Max will now be called Blackjack!

And then Jim Leyland on this video had me crying. We Love You Skipper!

Pulse: Tigers sew up Central; AL Wild card still wild.

This Tiger team once again rages with fire and what seemingly has even more of a hunger to win it all this year. I mean look at the talent here. I know we’ve had it in the past as well but this time I just don’t think anyone is going to beat us. As they say the third time is the charm and we have it all.

The Pitchers, hitters & bullpen. The Tee shirts say “We Own The Central” but I want one that say’s “WORLD SERIES CHAMPS”. We are going to take that 13 on the end on 20″ and turn it into Lucky. Just like Max ending the season on #21! We have had this title now 3 times in 3 years, the pennant (ALCS) twice in seven years.

2013 is our year for the World Series title.

Does Detroit Have Tiger Fever… You Better Believe it!


Blazing Detroit Tigers


Joaquin Benoit 2013 ALC Champs

Detroit Tigers Clich ALC 2013

ALC Champs Detroit Tigers 2013 Thrid Straight Year

Justin 2013 ALC Champs


Miggy 2013 ALC Champs

Justin & Max

Justin Velander 2013 ALC

Detroit Tigers 2013 ALC Celebration

Tigers Celebration ALC 2013

Detroit Tigers 2013 ALC Celebration

Jim Leyland_Skipper 2013 ALC CHAMPS

Detroit Tigers Celebrate 2013 ALC

2013 ALC Champs Detroit Tigers


Jim Leyland 2013 ALC Champs Tigers Skipper


Detroit Tigers ALC 2013 Champs


Tigers Celebrate American League Title 2013



Max Scherzer 2013 ALC Champs






Detroit Tigers

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