Sunday Sleep In ~ “Ain’t No Sunshine” ~ Jacqui Naylor


What an absolutely exquisite arrangement of this Bill Withers classic.

I’ve heard a lot of covers of songs throughout my life but this has to be up there in my top five. Naylor has such an unusual approach to her singing style but my God what a style it is. Her phrasing in and out of ranges just plain displays excellence.

She could take the most boring-est song on the planet and make it a work of art and some may think it’s somehow an easy thing to do but it isn’t. This is the purest form of creativity at work here with the entire song.

The opening bass of Jon Evans puts you right back into the jazz realm of the 50s. In reality you don’t know what to expect and then the rest just seems to fall into place as if it was meant to have been played like this originally.

Naylor’s sultry vocals almost seem like both a compilation from the instrumentation separate yet equal if that makes any sense at all. I only know that it works and the outcome is surreal that takes an old song and makes it brand new again.

If you’ve never heard the album (7th) from which this song is from, “You Don’t Know Jacqui” I highly suggest it. What she does with many of the songs especially REM “Losing My Religion” will astonish you.

Jaqui Naylor is one hell of a talent.


Jacqui Naylor



Written by Bill Withers
Released in 2008

Credits on song.

Jacqui Naylor – vocals, producer
Jon Evans – bass
Art Khu – piano, producer, arranger
Michael Romanowski – acoustic guitar
Josh Jones – drums




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One response to “Sunday Sleep In ~ “Ain’t No Sunshine” ~ Jacqui Naylor

  1. cooper

    Never heard her before. Good pick. Would like to hear more. Art Khu’s piano is awesome….

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