Friday Find ~ “Timeless” ~ Badfinger



This gem to me was one of Pete Ham’s and this bands best pieces lyrically and guitar. Fans with good reason seem to only remember Badfinger for their hits “Come and Get It”, “No Matter What” & “Day After Day” in essence because this song was off the 4th and final album for Apple Records.

In reality the infamous Beatles founded label, a manager and their new label Warner Brothers would end up destroying not only the band but the lives of two of its members because of the chaos over a lawsuit that Warner Bothers would create.

Allen Klein ran the Apple label in 1969. By 70′ it was run by Neil Aspinall on behalf of the four Beatles and their heirs.

Stan Polley was hired in 1970 to manage Badfinger’s commercial affairs but after their contract with Apple was in dissolution, it seems Polly was stealing the bands money out of an escrow account thus Warner Brothers filed a lawsuit and yanked the bands 1974 album “Wish You Were Here” after just seven weeks resulting in WB cutting off the bands income. Another album was completely rejected.

Between Apple who the band members felt neglected by, this new snake they hired to manage the money, then being told don’t sign with WB it all became a unsorted mess.

In the mean time by 1975 after what seemingly was a successful run of hits and albums and obviously thinking they had money, Ham had just bought a new house for his girlfriend and a baby on the way. Then he received a phone call from the US telling him that all his money had disappeared.

On April 24, 1975 this gifted musician and man hung himself. By 76′ members Tom Evans & Joey Molland were out of the music business for now. Then another horror story of confliction took place over another several years ending in a heated argument again ensued over past Badfinger income still in escrow from the Apple era and other strifes.

In 1983 eight years after Ham’s suicide Tom Evans also ended his life in the same manner, by hanging himself.

Anybody think the music industry is fun? Go ask Grand Funk Railroad.

Both bad management and a record label could be the death to you. It was in Hendrix’s & Joplin’s case as well, they just died in a different manner accidentally. Badfinger wasn’t just a pass by talent for a day band. They were four talented individuals and all they wanted to do is display that talent and play music. It was way beyond sad how their fate abruptly ended and how some of the lyrics Ham wrote became hauntingly real.

The only true thing about music though, it is “Timeless”.

It plays on even after the artists are no longer with us.

Badfinger deserved better.






Written by Pete Ham
Released in 1973 off their 4th album “Ass”.

Pete Ham – guitar, vocals
Tom Evans – bass, vocals
Joey Molland – guitar, piano, vocals
Mike Gibbins – drums, vocals


Rock Band Badfinger Rehearsing

Badfinger 1974

Ham, Evans, Gibbons,Molland

Badfinger -


Pete Ham


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