Sunday Sleep In ~ “All Blues” ~ Miles Davis

As much as anybody can pick just one favorite from Miles, this would be mine.

The talent on this entire album is mesmerizing.

You ask yourself Could it, Would it ever be this good again. The answer is always the same, No. This is the cream of the crop of players and there were many in Jazz.

I’ve displayed many exquisite line ups of many songs & albums, some of these same members on others but “Kind Of Blue” will always be that gem that history will point to when defining this genre.

That timeless space we’re only too happy to stay in. This song cements you in a realm of getting lost and not wanting to be found. This All Blues is a happy place, a peaceful place, an undeniably outstanding place.

Where else would we want to be.


A Quartet In The Studio



All Blues

Composed by Miles Davis.
Released off the iconic album “Kind Of Blue” in 1959.

Miles Davis – trumpet
Bill Evans – piano
Julian “Cannonball” Adderley – alto saxophone
John Coltrane – tenor saxophone
Paul Chambers – double bass
Jimmy Cobb – drums


Kind Of Blue Session 2

Paul Chambers



Miles & Jimmy Cobb


Hot Jazz


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