Eydie Gormé 1928-2013 … What a Voice.

Eydie Gormé


Very sad to have heard this grand talent died yesterday. Eydie Gormé and husband Steve Lawrence defined what it is to have Class.

Both blessed with fabulous pipes but Eydie performed like a stick of dynamite. Her vocal chords absolutely exploded along with the rest of the cream of the crop of her era. She could belt out songs so powerful she left the host of any show she was on in awe.

I will forever remember her on Johnny Carson when The Tonight Show was still in New York and in black and white.

Yes the days when we only had 4 channels but there was always something on to watch. They didn’t call it the golden era of television for nothing. It was that and then some. Their comedy along with their singing also was always a highlight on the Carol Burnett Show.

Right now all I can think of is Steve Lawrence and how heartbroken he must be, the two performed together for so long. In that respect the first song I thought of is another one she sang, It Takes Too Long To Live Alone.

Another spot where it will be very hard to fill the void.

My heart goes out to all her family and friends who she shared her life with.

Like many other blogs I’ve written paying homage to the entertainment greats who have left us from my parents era yet also us baby boomers. Gormé came from a hollywood and a recording industry sadly long gone.

I will not say she’s been silenced because what you’re hearing can never be that way. Instead we will always have her in song within our hearts to hear anytime we want.

Only the physical presence is now gone but the voice will always soar.

Thank You Ms. Gormé for blessing us with your talent and allowing us the pleasure to have grown up hearing you. You will forever be in our memories.

Sing sweet in Heaven as we know you will.


Eydie Gormé 2001



My God I miss them all. You can have and keep the 10,000 cable channels, we were the lucky generation.



We will love you forever.


Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gormé

Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gormé

Steve Lawrence_Eydie Gorme


Eydie Gormé -




Eydie Gorme_In Memory

In Memory of Eydie Gorme


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