Motown Monday ~ “Wait A Minute” ~ Tim Tam and The Turn-Ons

Tim Tam and The Turn-Ons


This was the biggest hit for Palmer Records 3401 Lyndon Detroit, Mi.

All the singers were Allen Park high school buddies. Rick, brother Danny and friends would practice their vocals in their parent’s basement. With his blazing falsetto he helped to groom the rest of the singers harmonies. And where the group name came from I love the best, taken from the 1958 Kentucky Derby winner Tim Tam. How could they have not been a winner.

Tom DeAngelis who also graduated from APHS and would go on to disc jockey at WKNR & CKLW (aka later on as Johnny Williams) would become their manager and help to write this song and their follow-up hit “Cheryl Anne”.

“Wait A Minute” hit Detroit’s airwaves in Dec. 1965 and quickly became a hit soaring to #2 even before it got released nationally two months later where it would also score big to the top 10.

The musicians backing them also APHS classmates “The Satellites” (The band won WXYZ-TV’s Talent Town competition, hosted by Rita Bell) all sounded stellar. They changed their name to The Blue Feeling by 68′.

Just another taste of Detroit’s 60s Garage Rock at its best.


Tim Tam and The Turn Ons

L-R: Nick Butsicaris, Don Grundman, Earl Rennie, Rick (Tim Tam) Wiesend, John Ogen and Dan Wiesend.



“Wait a Minute”
Written by Rick Wiesend & Tom DeAngelis.
Released Nationally in 1966.


Rick “Tim Tam” Wiesend – lead vocal
Danny Wiesend – vocals
Nick Butsicaris – vocals
Don Grundman – vocals
John Ogen – vocals
Earl Rennie – vocals

Rick died in 2003 of cancer at the age of 60.


The Satellites.

Dave Fero – lead guitar
Ken Sipos – piano
Carl Sweets – bass
Frank Schiavulli – drums

Frank Schiavulli died in 1997.


The Satellites


The Sattellites_The Blue Feeling


Wait-A-Minute Palmer records Detroit


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