Saturday Psychedelics ~ “Numbers” ~ The Paupers

This band blazed out of Toronto Ontario with a debut single & album in 1967 called “Magic People”. Must of fit because they soon were playing at The Fillmore West and The Monterey Pop Festival in San Fran.

After the first album their original bassist was ousted, Al Kooper was brought on keyboards for the session of their second album. They managed to open for the likes of Jimi Hendrix Experience, Jefferson Airplane among others in the hey day. Even head lined at Detroit’s Grande Ballroom with the MC5 but they didn’t last much longer together.

They had a good sound but there were so many bands during that period of psychedelic rock coming out of every woodwork throughout both the States & Canada and for that matter the world only the elite would make it.

Skip Prokop would leave and play an instrumental part of the Canadian Band “Lighthouse”, with Brad Campbell eventually being Janis Joplin’s bass player on “I Got Dem Ol’ Kozmic Blues Again Mama!” & “Pearl” and you couldn’t do any better than that.

But as for this group in 67′ & 68′ they got and gave their taste even if their shot was only for a short while.


The Paupers 1968




Written by Adam Mitchell & Skip Prokop.
Released off the 1968 album “Ellis Island”.

Adam Mitchell – guitar
Chuck Beal – lead guitar
Brad Campbell – bass, lead vocals
Skip Prokop – drums
For session.
Al Kooper – organ


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