Wednesday When It Was Music ~ “When A Gypsy Makes His Violin Cry” ~ Erroll Garner

Errol Garner

What a beautiful piece by Garner.

He originally did this song in 55′ solo but re-recorded it in 72′ with some other gifted players and all gave it that splendid latin flavour.

Like Art Tatum he too learned and played by ear from the early age of three never learning to read music or having the need to.

Garner had an extremely unique sound to his playing, expressing it in a grand orchestra fashion yet as an intimate style both at the same time. It’s what made him a jazz favorite to the millions of fans throughout the world in the duration of his career.

Only wished he could have enjoyed life much longer then the age of 53. God only knows how much more this man would have contributed to music. Garner died Jan. 2, 1977.

As it is this virtuoso and icon left us with a catalog of gems from 1944-76.

When It Was Music…


When A Gypsy Makes His Violin Cry

Composed by Emery Deutsch, Jimmy Rogan, Dick Smith & Frank Winegar.
Released in 1972 off the album “Gemini”.

Erroll Garner – piano, harpsichord
Jose Mangual – congas
Ernest McCarty Jr. – bass
Jimmie Smith – percussion

From “Solitaire” 1955




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3 responses to “Wednesday When It Was Music ~ “When A Gypsy Makes His Violin Cry” ~ Erroll Garner

  1. Exquisite composition, thank you!

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