Detroit’s Fowl Weather.. Red Wings Down Ducks.. On To The Blackhawks.

Det Red Wings Win Series with Ducks May 12, 2013

In more ways than one.

No this isn’t the twilight zone…anyway I don’t think so…hum? But it is freezing this morning at 32 in almost the middle in May and we seem to also be in a midst of a bird fight of sorts. Red Wings plucked the Ducks for the series win Sunday night and now we are on to Chicago to battle another flock of birds.

Well Ducks are cute they quack a lot and just the name of Hawks brings fright meaning they’re predators on the hunt for victims. But then with the color of red as in Fire Hot, we will see if our flames will dire down or spiral even higher. In any respect by Wednesday the temps are suppose to be back up to 80 when the next round starts.

A scene from a movie flashes, The Doors I believe.

California cries…

You killed my duck.
You killed my duck.

Detroit laughingly screams…

And I’m still killing your f’n duck. There! Murder! Death!

Duck! Dead! Death f’n dead!

LOL…Talking HOCKEY here people, just hockey. Bring on the Blackhawks.


Dead Duck


Not To Touch The Earth


Justin Abdelkader

Henrik Zetterberg,_Valtteri Filppula,_Daniel Cleary


Hockeytown USA

Run With Me…You Bet We Will.



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