Saturday Psychedelics ~ “Look At Yourself” ~ Uriah Heep

Uriah Heep_Look At Yourself 1971

Damn…Where is Timothy Leary when you need him…LOL

Never engaged in his drug back then but after hearing this again I’m about ready to try some. God, what a flashback.

Saw Heep in 74′ at Cobo, absolutely fantastic show from start to finish. How did I get so damn old. Oh well still young in the mind and heart.

Rock at its best.


Uriah Heep 71'


Written by Ken Hensley.
Released in 1971 off this title track album.

Mick Box – lead guitar
David Byron – lead vocals
Ken Hensley – organ, vocals
Paul Newton – bass
Iain Clark – drums

Additional on song.
Ted, Mac and Loughty of Osibisa – percussion


Uriah Heep _71'


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