Saturday Psychedelics ~ “Chasing Shadows” ~ Deep Purple

A masterpiece that should have been longer like an hour.

In my opinion one of Ian Paice’s finest works on drums. The song written by him and Jon Lord would set the standard in what direction the band would take from this point on. This was DP third album that simply reflected their name, it would also be the last album that Nick Simper and lead singer Rod Evans would be on. But make no mistake the talents of both contributed much to the earlier introduction of this band.

Chasing Shadows flipped out a few of my friends in 71′ while on acid, they thought the song was literally chasing… them. lol

Got to admit after a few joints listening to this the first time, the abrupt ending almost made me jump or did. We found ourselves just moving the record needle back to the beginning over and over.

We kept chasing the sound and those pounding drums…aaah the good old days. Wish they’d come back.


Deep Purple 1960s


Released in 1969

Rod Evans – lead vocals
Ian Paice – drums
Jon Lord – hammond organ
Nick Simper – bass
Ritchie Blackmore – guitar


shadows on the wall

Chasing shadows, over my walls
with myself hardly sleeping
Dwarfs and giants, twenty feet tall
fill the room with their creeping

Sounds of breathing sharpen my ears
then they fade into nothing
Someone’s laughter out in the street
fills the night with their loving

I feel the ice in my head
Running its hands through my bed
Not even dreaming I seem to be dead
Colours of yellow and colours of red

All I’m asking some secret voice
is to lead me to darkness
I’m so tired, dawn never comes
I just hide in the shadows


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