Richie Havens, Another Brother From Woodstock Has Passed.

Richie Havens at Woodstock

Alvin Lee standing behind God in Heaven waiting his turn to embrace and welcome him. Jam on Brothers… Jam on.

Richie Havens was the first performer to take the stage at this historical concert in 1969 and remained on it for 3 hours. Sweetwater was stuck in traffic. And what a memorable set it was.

All the musicians we have lost, this was just another devastating loss. I was deeply saddened once again. Such an era and time for the music was such apart of our sediments for the times. Our generation didn’t mind sitting out in the mud with 500,000 of our brothers and sisters peacefully for 4 days.

Those days of innocence, revolt, change, rejection and acceptance. Some say it was all a waste of time, I say you were blind.

The patience of getting there, relishing the nights and days of experiencing it, years after still reflecting upon it with a calming effect of long-lasting love. And wishing you could step into a time machine to go back if only for a moment but for most a wish to go back and remain there forever.

Richie Havens wasn’t just an opening act for Woodstock, he represented an entire generation of expression where the lyrics of the songs at one time actually meant something.

How prolific that the last song he would do would be total improvisation that would have so much passion to it that almost 44 years later it is still our defining moments of what we still are praying for amongst Peace.


You will be missed Mr. Havens more than you’ll ever know.






psychedelic peace


Richie Havens




High Flying Bird to Heaven.

Richie Havens Woodstock 69'


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